Brand of the Day: Terrain Vague

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In 2015, creative director Thomas Ollivier got a fair amount of press for his “99 Wine Bottles” project—in which he envisioned what wine from 99 ubiquitous brands would look like.

A couple of years later, he took things to the next level—he started making his own wine under the brand Terrain Vague. And for his labels, he turned to illustrator Malika Favre, whose bold, minimal work you likely know from The New Yorker and any number of other major editorial clients.

Terrain Vague has just released its third official offering, Mise à Jour 2019, and like the two that preceded it, it’s made from indigenous grapes and is the product of manual harvesting and organic farming. We can’t wait to get our hands on a bottle. Until then, we’ll happily judge the wine by its label.

The trio is available here.

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