BrandOpus Rebrands To Showcase The Creativity Of Its Team

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The global branding agency BrandOpus is putting its best foot forward with its new rebrand that showcases the inner workings of its creative team. Because of their strong belief in harnessing the power of its people, the new branding truly reflects the innovativeness and originality that the brand and its people deliver. The main icon throughout the branding focuses on an illustration of a cracked egg which is a metaphor that's intended to be both evident and full of hidden meanings. While bold, the new branding system for BrandOpus is concise and straight to the point, just as it should be.

BrandOpus, the global branding agency, celebrates its move to employee-ownership through an identity redesign that champions the creativity of its team.

BrandOpus shifted to an Employee-Owned Trust model earlier this year, which recognizes the importance and power of people within the business. Rooted in the idea of ‘uncommon sense’, the rebrand celebrates the agency’s distinct approach to creativity. The new brand world comprises three distinct dimensions:

· The Cracked Egg symbol: acting as a visual metaphor for creativity and ‘uncommon sense’, the new logo consciously symbolizes hatching new ideas, and is inspired, in part, by Filippo Brunelleschi – the Renaissance architect who famously used ingenuity, creativity and an egg (!) to overcome his contemporaries’ bid to design the “undesignable” Duomo in Florence.

· A new color palette: Drawing inspiration from the story within the new symbol, this distinctive ‘terracotta’ color injects modernity. Paired with a black and white color palette, it drives recognition across all brand touchpoints.

· A new suite of distinctive assets: Establishing a disruptive and ownable visual language that includes an expansive illustration style, developed with Martyna Makes, along with a bold and impactful serif typeface to deliver a distinctive tone of voice across all activations and communications.

Speaking about the brand overhaul, Nir Wegrzyn, CEO and founding partner, BrandOpus commented: “We exist to change the way people feel about brands and wanted to change the way people feel about ours. Moving to an employee-owned company marks a significant shift in our business and we wanted to ensure our brand reflects the magic and creativity that our people bring.”

“To change feelings, you have to change meaning and we believe the most intrinsic way to do that is through associations. The new identity commemorates our distinctive approach to ideas through the Cracked Egg – a metaphor that is full of meaning both hidden and obvious. Alongside a fresh typeface, illustrative style and color palette, the new design reflects the agency for today and tomorrow, and we’re excited to share it with the world.”

The identity system has been rolled out across the agency’s new website, social channels, and wider brand world.

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