Cactus Collective Taps Into the Rustic Desert Artist Aesthetic of Our Dreams

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While you could say the desert aesthetic has been having an extended moment, it’s easily one of the most enduring, definitive visual elements of Americana. For over a century, creatives have chased inspiration along the roads of Route 66, whose desert communities have birthed artistic movements as varied and influential as modernism and transcendental painting. You can feel this timeless influence within VVORKROOM‘s nostalgic branding for Los Angeles art gallery Cactus Collective. The Mexico City design studio grounded the gallery’s packaging, stationery, and printed materials with a simple, rustic sensibility that feels simultaneously classic and on-trend. Vintage cactus imagery and an elegantly carefree blend of typefaces evoke the carefree, 20th century charm of souvenirs from an especially nice roadside gift shop.

Cactus Collective is an online gallery of photographers that exists to discover and spread the talent of emerging artists and to offer consumers the option of acquiring museum-quality framed photos at a fair price.


Brand Strategy, Branding, Collateral Design & Merchandising

The brand essence of Cactus Collective is: A sense of belonging. They connect deeply with the photographers, offer them a “home” where they can show, sell and spread their talent to the world. But this sense of belonging also spreads to the final client, because even when they are dealing with fine art, C.C. ensures that the perception is always that behind the gallery there are down-to-earth and accessible people.

We developed their Brand Strategy, as well as the Branding, collateral design and merchandising. Graphically, our goal was to communicate the personality of the people behind the project, their vibe and geographic location, but remain open enough to accommodate the stories and work of the photographers that could come from anywhere in the world. That’s why we use a wide variety of typefaces, different layouts and compositions and a very broad color palette inspired by the landscape of the southwest coast of the United States.