Camtu Designs a Youthful, Eclectic Identity for Vietnam Eatery The Grumpy Baker

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A restaurant menu provides customers with a taste of what’s to come, so an intentional look can make all the difference. The design must be legible and showcase a restaurant’s unique personality, all while presenting the most crucial part of all: the grub.

Camtu‘s design for Vietnam bistro The Grumpy Baker makes it clear that this spot has a big personality. Their menu playfully points to their all-day schedule with illustrations of cocktails and ashtrays near descriptions of omelets. Irreverent copy and whimsical visuals appear throughout, lending an eclectic consistency to the brand identity.

The Grumpy Baker is a Danang (Vietnam) based bar/bistro that serves brunch in the morning and transforms into a chill and cozy bar at night. Established in 2020 by a cross-cultural group of friends, the quad blends culinary aspects of Vietnamese and Western culture. The Grumpiest Baker in town delivering nothing but grumpy, home-cooked dishes, terrible dad jokes and cheap beers.

Located in one of the most tourist-attractive cities of Vietnam, it is important to make The Grumpy Baker visual identity stand out (as it should be because the staff and the food are just pleasantly amazing) hence the combination of imperfect illustrations and typeface combination.

Project Credits
Camtu N.