The Canadian Council for Refugees Has a Sleek, Approachable New Look

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The Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR) is a non-profit organization that works with refugees and migrants in Canada. They focus on advocacy, networking, and information exchange on behalf of new entrants to the country. Because the organization handles sensitive subject matter for a variety of communities, they wanted to create a visual identity that felt welcoming above all. The independent, full-service design studio Caserne helped CCR create a new look that’s both approachable and sleek.

Caserne’s branding system uses sans serif typefaces and crisp, modular layouts to communicate a minimalist design ethos. Striking colors and circular motifs create a familiar, consistent feel, embodying CCR’s natural inclusivity.

The Canadian Council for Refugees is a leading voice for the rights, protection,​ sponsorship, settlement, and well-being of refugees and migrants, in Canada and​ globally. The CCR’s new identity is intended to be impartial, abstract, universal, but above all human. It is directly inspired by the tradition of Canadian modernist symbols. Its graphic approach is flexible and modular. The simple forms of the logo make it possible to create abstract and evocative forms, suitable for everyone. Various application standards have been developed in order to make all of the CCR’s actions consistent. The new directives apply to all points of contact, both in communication media and digital applications.

Project Credits
Caserne .
Etienne Murphy

Léo Breton-Allaire
Ugo Varin