Cara de Vaca Celebrates Cooking with Fire, Natural Wine, and Classic Drinks

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Anagrama Studio, the Mexico-based branding company, created the branding for Cara de Vaca, the brand that celebrates cooking over a fire, natural wine, and classic drinks. The branding identity captures the spirit of Cara de Vaca's cultures through the quirky typography, fun copy, and natural color palette. The branding is full of personality and wit, and the almost street style design qualities bring a high-end quality to the Mexico-based eatery.

The ClientCara de Vaca celebrates fire cooking, natural wine and classic drinks. Located in Monterrey, Nuevo León, the warm illuminated place filled with plants presents Chuy Villarreal’s regional inspired cuisine, an evolution of the Regiomontana bbq. Natural wines and Mexican distillates unite on the spectacular central bar.

The Objective

Develop a graphic identity and website that harmoniously guides the Mexican gastronomic proposal and restaurant experience. We seek to capture the lighthearted spirit of Monterrey's popular culture through the brand's typography, phrases and winks.

The Solution

We created a logo by mixing fonts inspired by business signs in downtown Monterrey in which owners make their own posters and advertising pieces. The icon was designed to be easily replicated with emojis, thus, becoming more user-friendly.We created a typeface originating from the need to make lockups for social media while highlighting specific words. Lechón Sans is based on the same logo inspiration and includes symbols that accompany the essence of this typeface. The lockups are inspired by the Mercado Juárez, in downtown Monterrey, where photographs were taken to decorate the place interiors, accompanied by illustrations made to reflect popular culture.On the project’s website we transmit the brand's personality, considering the visitor’s needs these types of websites need to address, including a reservation call-to-action, menu photos and place location. These details stand out in the simplicity of the website.

Project Credits

Anagrama Studio