Carmel Cannabis Is Both Artisanal And Intentional Through Its Branding System

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Montreal-based studio Wedge has designed the outstanding brand identity for the Cannabis brand Carmel.

The cannabis brand does everything by hand, from selecting seeds to trimming flowers to tending to everything in between. Because of this artisanal positioning, it only makes sense the brand would have a very tactile and hand-drawn approach to the branding system. It also makes sense for a brand named Carmel to have an exclusive color palette of hues of the same shade. The brand wanted to make sure consumers clearly understood that this company wasn't a "corporate" weed company, and through the crafty branding, this message is clear.

Carmel is an independent grower based in Toronto, breeding some of the most special seeds into small-batch flower with a no compromise vision: "Rare breeds, limited grow". They select seed, trim flower, hang dry, and tend everything by hand. Behind the scenes, Carmel is co-founded by the real deal from the off-market. No "corporate" weed here.

Our team had the unique challenge of building the brand for Carmel as a new company, while staying true to the roots of their grow team. While the brand was new, what Carmel stood for was deeply rooted to their legacy. Authenticity was key.

Typographic lockups act as unique symbols for each individual strain in the lineup. The commitment to one signature brand colour is obviously intentional, to reinforce the Carmel name and cement brand recognition over time. We’d know if Carmel was a true success by the feedback we’d receive from the legit community, the smokers who know the real deal and who’d become loyalists. The feedback from the community and budtenders has been phenomenal, creating a true desire and differentiation.

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