Coast Restaurant Invites Diners To Enjoy Flavors From Land To Sea

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When you want to experience the blending of earth and sea, look no further than Coast, a new restaurant concept and brand identity. The gradient of beige to rich blue symbolizes the way the sand fades into the ocean. The branding is refined, elegant, and intriguing, allowing the consumer to get lost in the melding of flavors. The serif typeface for the restaurant logo curves and twists, speaking to the way flavors and regional recipes blend and fuse on each plate.

Imagine that you hear the sound of waves and see the coastline stretching between the land and the sea while first feeling COAST. It is a modern coastal restaurant established by Michelin one-star restaurant chef Richie Lin. The brand identity and color palette define the core value of COAST — the exclusive culinary experience that engages vibrant, delicate, and diverse flavors of seafood along the coast. Gradient colors symbolize the coastline while the slightly curved typography logo interprets the unprecedented combination of selection, design, and presentation.

CL: MMHG Hospitality Group

CD: Marco

Designer: Ray, Marco

PM: Terri

Credits: Designed by ADC Studio