Coca-Cola Redesigns For First Time Since 2016

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It's happened.

Coca-Cola has released its latest design system across its Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, and Diet Coke brands. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Coca-Cola's in-house global design team has collaborated with the design firm Kenyon Weston on the rebranding.

The change is the first to occur since 2016, and, at first glance, the seemingly only difference is the addition of extra negative space on the can. Look more closely, and you'll realize that any additional and unnecessary elements have been removed. No longer will you find the red disc and wave line, but, as expected, the "universally-recognized" Coca-Cola red paired with the script font stands tried and true.

The logo has been pushed towards the top of the can to symbolize the drinks' "uplifting" possibilities, while the white space was intended to extend on the visual metaphor surrounding the company's inspiring nature.

The new design is sleek and straightforward, which is on-trend universally in the CPG world. Plus, it's always exciting when iconic internationally recognized brands make even the most mundane changes to their packaging as it can spark the most far-reaching opinions—er, hate—on either side. Based on comments found via the internet's underbelly, some Coca-Cola aficionados are upset that Coke Zero has lost its signature black and is now black text on a red can.

The company expects all variants to be converted by 2022, and we look forward to hearing the divisive opinions on the redesign until then.

Just go easy on each other out there, kids.