COLLINS Designs Branding System For Netflix League Of Legends Show ‘Arcane’

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It’s complicated to shift mediums, but Riot Games was ready to take a leap of faith by extending the extremely popular team-based video game League of Legends into a television series. 

Enter Arcane, the new animated television series set in the League of Legends universe. 

Created in partnership with COLLINS, the branding system for Arcane takes inspiration from the game through a dynamic identity that pulls from the dramatic scenes within.

“From the start, we knew there was an opportunity for design to set the stage for all the stories of Arcane to come,” COLLINS said of the project. “We aimed to build a flexible yet coherent brand that acts as a window into this world—and that comes out of the world of Arcane itself, purpose-built to tell its many stories: The city in the sky. The dark undercity. The family you have. The family you choose. Sisterhood. Hardship. Power. Progress. And more.”

The design system embodies a sense of certainty and resilience through the custom display typeface Iron & Glass, gold features, mystical colorways, and details that seemingly glow. COLLINS intended to fuse Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles into a new look that beautifully encapsulated the brand. 

Arcane premiered in November, and with a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s clear that Riot Games and COLLINS created a branding system for the television show that exceeded expectations and made League of Legends’ fans proud to be a part of something bigger.