Colorado Beer Kindling Wants to Spark Change

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Odell Brewing Company in Colorado is using the power of good beer to do good in their community. They tapped the creative agency and fellow Centennial state enterprise Fortnight Collective to bring the concept to life, putting their heads together to create a new golden ale, Kindling.

While we sadly can’t speak to the beer itself, we can unpack the brew's carefully considered branding and packaging. The name Kindling is an obvious allusion to fire, but it's also a nod to Odell's desire to “spark change” and action locally with the new drink. 1% of all proceeds will get donated to various Colorado charities such as Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, The Growing Project, The Cultural Enrichment Center of Fort Collins, and The Gathering Place.

The cans (from Jevons Design Co.) retain the “spark change” theme, featuring a black background behind autumnal-hued illustrations of fire and, well, kindling. Gold, brown, and blue twigs bend and twist to create a logotype of branches, spelling out the beer's name in a fairytale-like organic style.

Other illustrated elements woven around and within the letterforms also get incorporated for their symbolism—Black-eyed Susans represent justice, and the Periwinkles stand for resilience. The nature-centric graphics honor the environment and conservation, with the butterflies and caterpillars symbolizing the change and evolution Odell Brewing aspires to stoke in their community.

If the Golden ale on the inside is half as thoughtfully concocted as the can’s outside, Odell Brewing Co. has got themselves a winner.