Conceptual Brand Magic & Morsels Makes You Question Reality

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The world of magic intrigues me beyond belief. But, what's "real?" What's not? What's life between reality and mysticism?

These are questions that have no answers, and designer Bhroovi Gupta and copywriter Justin Wheatley tappe into the rhetoric of it all through their conceptual branding for the store Magic & Morsels.

Throughout the branding system, the team has created mystical designs with the help of holographic details, whimsical typefaces, intricate illustrations, and gradients that'll make you question your sense of being.

Not only did the duo create branding worth phoning another portal about, but they've designed products to be sold in their conceptual store. These include Portal Pastries that mimic the look of a croissant on the outside and the most dreamy cotton candy on the inside to purple seeds that mirror the look of pumpkin seeds that promise to make you a genius.

I must admit that I'm no magician, but I do feel a bit more mystical after scrolling through this branding system.

Magic & Morsels is a store concept that brings about the magic everyone needs in their daily life. The store is a go-to place for wizards or witches, and of course, a place where non-magical people can get a taste of the magical world. The brand identity aims to express the concept through carefully designed products and merchandise. The main products of the store are food items with unbelievable magical capabilities and the packaging design is created with holographic material to do justice to the store motto.

Project Credits

Instructor – Ryan Clifford

Designer – Bhroovi Gupta

Copywriter – Justin Wheatley&