Conserva Culture’s Branding Will Delight Your Inner-Chef

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

Whew, sometimes you see a typeface, and your heart does a little pitter-patter out of instant love. Mine did just that when I glanced at Conserva’s logo with its eclectic and utterly juicy vibe, it’s precious.

The brand is all about effortless yet elevated moments, and its branding system is utterly reflective of these ideals. Conserva is a brand full of inspiration and charm through gorgeous photography and funky visuals.

Challenge:Some of the best things in the world are preserved, and Conserva — a company dedicated to delighting culinary senses and making your next dinner party a smash — needed brand strategy, a brand identity, website, and campaign photography with intrigue.

Execution:Taking European seafood brands as a point of departure, we paired the eclectic nature of this world and with the bold punch of late 1970s Italian street signage to create an elegant and upscale brand with patina. We shot photos inspired by Baroque painting to capture the feeling of the most decadent dinner party.

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