Croissants Can Be Very Chic (And Also A Sailboat?)

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Designer Dave Arustamyan was tasked to design the branding for the new lakeside Canadian bakery Croissant. The flipped croissant logo is both clever and inspired by its location, turned into a pastry sailboat. While we're worried about soggy bottoms and bread, the colors are chic and come with a playful aesthetic.

It's a fun, youthful brand, and we can't help but want to order a few croissant pins.

Inspired by the lakeside location and French culture, branding for Canadian bakery Croissant is warm, casual, and friendly. Typography and color choices are as soft and tempting as a beautiful, flaky croissant.

The logo takes the French pastry and flips it horn-side up to create a boat, like those seen on the lake. The logo is clever without being smug, and artful with a rustic charm.

The goal was to create a logo and identity for a company that specialized in producing delicious croissants in Canada.

The company is a bakery with a small cafe with online ordering and delivery.

This project inspired me from the very beginning to create a paradoxically trimmed but warm style with a French flavor.

Since the cafe-bakery was located on the lake, the basis for creating the logo was a boat, which is also the shape of a croissant. The style itself and the palette was designed to catch on with its uniqueness and friendliness both in the combination of colors and in the simplicity of figures and elements.

Client: Croissant café & bakery

Designer: Dave Arustamyan

Format: friendly café

Location: Toronto, Canada

Posted inBranding & Identity Design