Curves, Color and a New Era of Wolff Olins

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Today, Wolff Olins announced a new look, agency location, and continued presence in the global branding world. With nearly 6o years of creating notable and award-winning work, Wolff Olins rebrands. The logo is defined by a new “W” that “captures one of our core pillars, enjoy the ride,” which “has long been a key part of our culture, where people can express their individuality, find their fit without cutting off edges, experiment and play, unlocking creativity that helps us imagine new possibilities for our clients.”

“The O of the new logo represents its commitment to strategic rigor and precision. This combination of creativity and rigor has driven Wolff Olins from day one, along with a deeply rooted commitment to finding better and more positive ways to do business and make a difference in the world.”

Wolff Olins has been a benchmark in the creative world, designing logos for the most notable global brands of our day. Today, their website features some of their most iconic work, including Instacart, LG, and The Met, to name a few.

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The announcement comes with a new presence in Los Angeles, the evolution of their team, and the vision behind this new era. “Our vision for the future of brands is about transforming businesses through brand, culture, and experience – and always in our own wild and wonderful Wolff Olins way.”

Personally, the new vibe and the way the squiggly mark of the “W” is being utilized is an exciting moment capturing the essence of their new direction. The yellow is bright and fresh with a less predictable outlook; Wolff Olins is out to set themselves apart.

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