This Fashionably Surreal Optician Campaign Puts the “Eye” in AI

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Adventures in A-EYE— created with AI technology — is Design Army’s NEW wildly inventive social campaign for Georgetown Optician, a Washington DC-based optician with a 40+ year family legacy at the forefront of ocular science and fashionable frames. The super-fresh experimental campaign takes a sci-fi movie bent—a fictional planet rife with extra-terrestrial eyeball life (including the all-seeing main character, Eyelien). A cheeky wink to all things ocular, Adventures in A-Eye was made with AI (a first for Design Army!) — from talent to wardrobe, locations and landscapes— while the (very real) eyewear was added in post-production to complete this super surreal, unearthly world.

By the late ’50s (though in precisely which century is unclear) space tourism had become all the rage among the fashionable set, with the more avant-garde venturing to far-flung uncharted locales. Adventures in A-EYE recounts the story of one such group of visionary travelers on their epic — and optic — journey to an unknown planet — where reality itself is often artificial, but emotions are real. We’ll follow their exploits as they discover romance and intrigue in an alien world where each new encounter is more than meets the eye.

Adventures In A-EYE is inspired by the endless quest to see something wholly new — the mind and the eyes must travel! With that in mind, we invented a supernatural story where travelers visit a planet to no man’s land. Meet the peeping pioneers who probe the land, including the “Eyelien” who keeps a watchful eye on the planet.

Mashing old-school 1950s sci-fi movie vibes and future-forward hues, the visuals and typography blur past and present to create an otherworldly era.

Taking a cue from space odyssey films/novels, each episode (like “Return of the Dry Eye”) over-the-top thrills, chills, entertains, and educates — complete with eye-popping 3D titles.

With wildly witty creative and copy, Adventures In A-EYE launches its first social campaign season in Spring 2023. And will continue throughout the year, introducing new characters, imaginary lands, and the season’s must-haves in prescription and fashion eyewear.

Great work never lacks emotion. AI on its own can feel soulless and stiff, requiring the human touch. Design Army brought the campaign’s eerie eyeballs to life — and even made them lovable — through photo manipulation, animation, sound design, and typography to create an optician campaign like you’ve never seen.

With stores in the heart of Historic Georgetown on Wisconsin Avenue, the bustling 14th Street Corridor, Tysons Galleria, Eastern Market and The Wharf, Georgetown Optician services the local and international community with an exceptional eyewear experience. A highly-trained team is focused on helping customers find & fit the perfect frames and lenses. Doctors on site also provide comprehensive exams so customers have the convenience of one stop.

CLIENT: Georgetown Optician

Chief Creative Officer: Pum Lefebure
Chief Executive Officer: Jake Lefebure Executive Creative Director: Sucha Becky Creative Director: Heloise Condroyer Copywriter: Cory Hansen
Senior Designer/Animator: Jason Chae Designers & Animator: Yeri Choi, Momo Jiang Social Media: Molly Stotts
Sound Design: Simon Lister, Squeak E. Clean Studios

In Collaboration with AI: Midjourney