Designsake Studio Dreams Up Whimsical Packaging for Helpful Hens

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Regenerative agriculture has been around for decades, but it's finally finding its way back into products at our grocery stores utilizing the practice. In short, regenerative farming helps improve the land by using dynamic and holistic methods from crop rotation to composting to planned grazing practices.

Helpful Hens' eggs implement regenerative agriculture, and the story is told through the playful and cheery illustrations n the front of the carton. In addition, different egg types are found in various color packaging to differentiate one from another; for example, the Free-Range Organic eggs are found in a bright seafoam carton while the Pasture-Raised Non-GMO Eggs are found in a punchy peach carton.

Furthermore, the primary typeface is packed with personality, proving that while this brand might take its farms and sustainable agriculture very seriously, they know how not to take themselves as a brand too seriously.

Packaging design for Helpful Hens! The ecosystem of regenerative farms is buzzing with life, hens aerate and fertilize the soil, cover crops like sunflowers and trees strengthen the soil, and happy bees and insects pollenate the plants! The Helpful Hens cartons tell a whimsical and playful story of the power of regenerative farming practices.⠀

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