Essential Oils Get an Elegant, Lightly Whimsical Makeover with Oiils

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

Like any essential oil company, Oiils focuses on how scents can affect emotional and physical states. But while most brands come in dry, clinical packaging, Oiils’ design by Monumento Co infuses the product with a welcome touch of whimsy. Their droppers and roll-ons feature strong, chunky type and eclectic colors that visually communicate the effect of each oil. Its branding also features warm, nostalgic illustrations, like a sun holding a cup of coffee, or a moon in a sleep mask. With its charming, simple design, Oiils adds a sense of fun and ease to daily tranquility.

Essential oils have trascended centuries and miles as companions for everyday life. Oiils, celebrates daily rituals that make us want to be conscious of where we stand, allowing us to live here and now; to connect with our senses, spaces and our conscious state. Its branding system speaks on these different moments where these practices become essential for the self in a friendly and approchable way by incorporating an unexpected color scheme and funky illustrations to the mix.

Project Credits
Monumento Co