Fashion Brand Fey Fey Worldwide Makes a Potent Visual Statement Against Blanding

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

We live in a world of blanding, where everything has started to look, feel, and operate in a similar way. But distinction is how anything makes an impact; what makes people, things, brands, and products unforgettable. If everything truly were the same, we’d live in a ridiculously monotonous world.

Fey Fey Worldwide is a fashion brand doing things a bit differently. For example, there’s no other brand with a website like theirs, which mimics a cloud-shared photo album. Its music, videos, and images turn the entire shopping experience into just that— an experience.

Han Gao designed the label’s identity, and the exceptional work matches the fashion brand’s unique philosophy. The typography is dynamic, often not legible, and literally warps the viewer’s perception. At the same time, it’s thoughtful, it’s highly memorable, and it proves precisely why brands should strive for more unique identities.

Brand identity design for Fey Fey Worldwide, a New York based fashion design practice. In response to the brand’s unusual design approaches, the visual system is an attempt to catch the moment where letters stumble and fall apart.