Figlia, Created By Lily Geiger, Is There For The Moments You Want To Remember

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The alcohol industry is currently experiencing a new movement. No, it’s not a new sparkling drink that comes in an equally bubbly illustrated can. Nor is it a recipe with ingredients that sound like they’re straight out of a Dr. Suess picture book. It’s not even a new White Claw flavor (thankfully).

The latest trend in the alcohol industry is the drinks that come without it—non-alcoholic, booze-free, and sober.

At first glance, Figlia looks like it could squeeze perfectly between the tequila and the rum on your bar cart, and the thing is, it can; it can also be nestled on your countertop right next to a bag of Lay’s potato chips and a bowl full of oranges. Designed by RoAndCo, the bicoastal studio in New York and Los Angeles, Figlia is a brand for anyone on any occasion.

Figlia, Italian for “daughter,” was created by Lily Geiger, whose father grappled with alcoholism and passed away when she was just 20 years old.

The brand wisely focuses on the feeling associated with the moments you spend with your friends laughing at a bar, sunbathing by the pool while listening to Bob Marley, and the feeling you get when toasting to the best non-2020 year ever. The only difference is that it’s sans alcohol, hangover-free, and without pressure. Just because you’re not drinking alcohol doesn’t mean you can’t feel the same lighthearted fun that’s often associated with the drink. Berenberg Research found that teens and those in their early 20s were drinking over 20% less per capita than millennials did at the same ages, and plenty of other consumers are looking to imbibe a lot less.

The identity for the brand is straightforward, with a premium look and feel. The oversized, sans-serif logo paired with a simple white label makes a bold impact in the most understated way. The nightlife of the Studio 54 era inspired the branding with nods to the disco nightclub seen through the funky and bold typeface as well as the structure of the bottle shape. The brand’s Instagram account is overflowing with disco-inspired images that’ll make you want to get to the closest dance floor as soon as possible.

Figlia aims to help end addiction by donating a portion of every bottle sold to Partnership to End Addiction and its mission; they also contribute to local New York City-based non-profit environmental organizations through 1% for the Planet to help move towards a more sustainable future.

Figlia might be a small company, but they’re making a significant impact in many ways. Bold branding and an even bigger mission will surely propel this brand forward.