Flaky Pastry Shop’s Whimsical Branding Will Have You Craving Sweets In No Time

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Flaky is a perfect name for a pastry shop. Imagine the delicious crumbs that flake off of pies, baguettes, and cakes. I'm drooling just thinking about it, and that's just the sweet little crumbs.

Miel studio created the whimsical branding identity for the Argentia-based pastry shop that brings joy through all the details. The cheerful color hues combined with the almost-retro typeface create a complete branding system that leaves you craving more. Plus, the editorial photographs of the delightful treats help too.

FLAKY is a pastry shop based in City Bell, Argentina. They are mainly dedicated to seasonal products, offering cakes, pies, cookies, breakfasts at home, and more. Their main goal is to provide little moments of happiness with their products.

FLAKY doesn’t have a date of birth. It's a project formed by stories, music, trips, friends, family, museums, streets, coffee, wine, pastry, photography, walks, readings, books, and study, a lot of study.

The creative intention was to capture the cheerful and relaxed spirit of FLAKY, mainly through a dynamic color palette, and a modern and simple typeface that responds to the fresh and fun style that the brand conveys.

Project Credits

miel studio

Luciana Brocchi