Flutterwave Breaks the FinTech Mold with a Vibrant New Brand System

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

The FinTech world can feel a bit alienating. Even the term “FinTech” itself is a bit off-putting, with platitudinous and sterile verbiage, abstract industry concepts, and homogenous, soulless branding. It’s also historically exclusive, neglecting certain communities. 

Thankfully, the new and innovative payment platform Flutterwave has emerged to break this mold. They’ve set out to build bridges between financial systems in Africa, where dozens of banks, currencies, and mobile wallets have previously been disconnected from one another. In doing so, they needed a brand system that reflected the vibrant spirit of Africa, and visually disrupted the FinTech space. 

“The Fintech scene is dominated by green and blue: too phlegmatic for Flutterwave,” Verve states on their site. “[Its typical] aesthetics are in stark contrast to the dreams of the African entrepreneur, which are bright, vivid and colorful.”

With this brief in mind, the agency Verve worked with Flutterwave to develop a person-centric brand strategy, story, and identity infused with vibrant warmth.

As a platform specifically built to support entrepreneurs, Verve was keen on harnessing a creative energy within the branding. The lively, kinetic charm of Milena Bucholz‘s system illustrations are central to achieving this. Her style is imbued with an attitude that is refreshing, unique, and accessible.

Verve’s loopy, self-described “butterfly-logomark” is simple and clean, if not a bit too reminiscent of the Metaverse logo for my liking. Its wing-inspired theme extends across the identity through bright patterns and a motion system from Coen Rens.

“The biggest result is the clarity that the new identity brings to our people, customers and products,” shares Flutterwave’s Head of Design, Ted Odalele. “We have more ways to express who we are.”