Frolla’s Branding By Nick Barclay Makes Me Crave A Visit To Seoul

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Nick Barclay can do no wrong. Featured below is Frolla's branding designed by the genius designer and color savant. Not only is Frolla's branding perfectly eclectic and quirky, decidedly so to match the owners of the brand, but it's oozing with an unmatched personality. From pink and green to blue and orange combos, you'll feel invigorated with creative energy. Simply seeing the poster designs for the restaurant makes me crave a visit. I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it until I can no longer; Nick Barclay is a mastermind.

Frolla is a new cafe & bar in the Seong Su suburb of Seoul. My aim with the branding was to reflect the eclectic & creative nature of the owners and the cool suburb of Seoong Su. I used a colour pallet that used primary colours to give the branding some pop and paired it with a serif a mono and a san serif to give a cool eclectic feel. The logotype is split into two fonts to show the pronunciation and also because it looks cool.

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Nick Barclay