Globe-Trotter Receives a Brand Refresh 124 Years in the Making

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The travel industry has been negatively impacted by COVID-19, with many brands taking this new crossroads as an opportunity to rethink their offerings and how they function. One such company is the British luxury luggage brand Globe-Trotter, which recently launched a new brand strategy and identity courtesy of London-based branding agency Ragged Edge.

Globe-Trotter has long been a mainstay in the world of luxe luggage, first established in 1897 in Germany with the invention of an innovative, durable material called Vulcanised Fibreboard. Since then, Globe-Trotter’s suitcases have been trusted by world-renowned travelers like Queen Elizabeth and Winston Churchill, and more recently, David Beckham and Emma Watson.

Globe-Trotter wasn’t intent to rest on their laurels, and they sought a brand refresh that would capture the hearts of a new generation of travelers at a global scale while staying true to their heritage. “In a period of great change, this was a unique opportunity to think deeply about what we do and how we make sense in the new world of luxury,” said Globe-Trotter’s Executive Chairman Vicente Castellano via Ragged Edge.

The resulting brand strategy and identity draws inspiration from Globe-Trotter’s archives along with testimonials from their customers and craftspeople, all in service of creating a sense of warmth, history, and unconventional detailing. The new look and feel includes a reimagined website, a new flagship store, and a full suite of packaging, all with photography executed by Charlie McKay.

Glove-Trotter’s new logo, color palette, and typeface are rich and retro, tempered with a sleek modern tone. The new branding is at once home in the digital age but also distinctly shaped by its past and its 124-year journey.