Golden Venum Celebrates Both The Mystical And Magical

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When you see a visual identity dominated by crystals and burning incense, it’s hard not to disassociate that with the gap year some of us took when we really got into astrology. Golden Venum, however, manages to stick the landing with a UX design for its blog that revels in the mystical, with a typeface that looks like it came out of a book of near-magical spells.

Think Stevie Nicks and definitely not Harry Potter.

“Golden Venum is a project about spiritual development and self-improvement, created to combine knowledge from different spheres so that our reader collects this world in puzzles and finds answers to the most delicate questions of the soul and body.

In addition to an open and accessible blog with articles, the site has original courses, numerous magic products, and consultations that will help you find answers to more personal questions and deepen your knowledge in your chosen field.

Golden Venum is about following your dreams and staying wild. See the magic around and feel it inside. By joining us you will learn great secrets and reveal your inner potential, and our magical products will become your guides.”