Goodtime Monty Will Put Some Pep In Your Step

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Goodtime Monty, a host for curious travelers, has been branded by design studio Balsam. With fun and playful designs, this is a branding set that you surely won't be able to take your eyes off of. The perfect mix of a modern geometric font combined with handwritten doodles will make your heart sing and your wanderlust begin. Not to mention the funky color combinations such as forest green, bubblegum pink, and pastel blue that will make every design pop in the best way possible. This brand is approachable, modern, witty, and perfectly executed.

While this is less of a design note, Goodtime Monty has the most beautifully curated playlists from "MeTime Monty" to "Pooltime Monday" you can thank me for sharing this tidbit later. Get groovin' and get inspired!

Project Credits

Balsam Studio

Art Direction: Krzysztof Kozak

Design: Aleksandra Badura​​​​​​​

Set Design: Aleksandra Badura, Marzena Płaszczyca

Photographer: Magdalena Zielasko