Gourmet Returns as iPad app!

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I was delighted to read that Gourmet magazine will be resurrected as an iPad app, just in time for me to use the device in the kitchen and perhaps try my hand at a recipe or two when time allows.

The news brings back the memory of a Gourmet magazine in the late 1970s. Maria and I lived in Syracuse, New York, and Thanksgiving was approaching. Maria, a loyal reader and collector of Gourmet, spotted a recipe for Mont Blanc, that sweet dessert made of pureed chestnuts and whipped cream. We figured it would add something extraordinary for our Thanksgiving meal and balance the more traditional fare of pumpkin pie (never my favorite).

Maria followed the recipe closely. My job was to read the ingredients out loud to her as she stood in front of the stove, attired in her favorite red apron. I had forgotten all about that Mont Blanc dessert until I got a note from Jim McManus today telling me about this wonderful news about Gourmet’s resurrection in tablet format.

Like Jim, I wonder if other great magazines that have long ago disappeared will now make a grand appearance as iPad magazines. LIFE, for example, would be ideal for the very photocentric iPad. And how about LOOK? Cuban Americans should insist that Bohemia, that legendary of Cuban magazines, reappear on the screen of an iPad.

The iPad magazine rack is beginning to look great.

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