Grow Deal is a Vertical Farm In France With a Branding System As Unique As The Farming Process

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grow deal branding

Vertical farming has taken the agriculture industry by storm. In its most simplistic form, vertical farming is the method of growing crops in stacked layers in a vertical design. Not only does this way of growing crops optimize plant growth, but it implements soil-free systems varying from aeroponics to hydroponics. The main advantage is that farmers no longer need acres and acres of land to achieve a similar crop yield.

Grow Deal is the first vertical indoor farm in France, and Brand Brothers designed the branding for the farm. Inspired by the vertical aspect, the branding system is geometrical by implementing a typeface with a unique curvature system. Furthermore, the color palette embraces natural colors and looks as though a bountiful harvest inspired it. Grow Deal’s branding is as unique as the farming method, and it works both efficiently and creatively.

Grow Deal is Toulouse’s first vertical farm, located in the heart of the city’s National Interest Market. This is the first vertical indoor farm in France to be grown directly on site, and also operates a second farm in the basement and on the roof of a Toulouse supermarket. Grow Deal grows mushrooms, rare herbs, edible flowers and micro-plants there under the Horizon Vertical brand; they are delivered on harvest day all year round, in a strict growing environment.

Brand Brothers supported the founder of Grow Deal in the complete overhaul of his visual identity. We have opted for a strong graphic and typographic system, outside the usual codes of the food and plant sectors. The typogram, designed in the studio, uses a strict geometric structure and curves that form outgrowths, reminiscent of the budding of plants. On this basis, a system of forms enriches the visual grammar and forms the basis of the graphic applications, which are deployed in environments as varied as monochrome labels, textiles or on social networks. Many new variations to come.

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