Halia Proves That Periods Can Be Fun

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

Katrina Romulo is back again with another gorgeous branding project. Whether you get them or not, everyone knows that periods can be pesky. So to make periods more fun, Halia is a brand that has infused its identity with playful colors, quirky shapes, and topography that’ll make you want to take a double-take. When your period products are infused with confidence, it makes you feel more confident, and Katrina Romulo’s branding does just that. 

Halia is a period care brand dedicated to making periods fun. Their goal is to transform periods from this secretive aspect of feminine hygiene, to a normal and celebrated part of self-care. “We want to build a world where it’s the norm (not a novelty!) to have quality period products that are kind to our bodies and the planet.” They offer plastic-free, toxin-free, irritation-free period pads made of organic bamboo and corn fibers to people in the Philippines.

Project Credits

Brand Designer: Katrina Romulo
Lifestyle Photographer: Shaira Luna (assisted by Von Luna)
Product Photographer: Alexis Wang
Videographer: Renzo Rosario Web Design and Development: Odin & Grotesk Design Studio
Yello Studio
Copywriting: Isabella Argosino