Here Comes Sol Mexican Grill Branding From Futura

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If there was one type of food that I could repeatedly eat without getting sick of, it's hands down Mexican food. The flavors, the endless options, and the queso. Oh, the queso.

Futura is a branding agency all about designing creative visual identities that look nothing like anything else. As proof via their branding for Sol Mexican Grill, the concept is surrounded by the passage of sunlight. Instead of moving in a literal direction with the idea, however, Futura created four dynamic icons used throughout the branding, from packaging to marketing materials. Not to mention, the bright colors bring an incredible enthusiasm to the branding that will inspire everyone to want to eat at Sol on repeat.

Sol Mexican Grill (@solmexicangrilldc) is a Mexican restaurant located in Washington D.C. We were in charge of the rebranding proposal which arises from the amazement for the taste of Mexican cuisine and its fusion with other cultures. For the graphic concept we got inspired from the passage of the sunlight during the day and we compose the editorial design around that. We kept the essence of the previous image and created 4 dynamic icons through various representations of the Sun, thus, fulfilling the objective of transmitting and preserving the strong and lasting character of the brand.

Sol Mexican Grill, Here comes the sol.

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