Ikea Believes In Aliens: Their New Assembly Manuals Are Proof

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The US government recently released a statement that essentially declared that aliens aren't not real. With the recent spat of unexplained aerial phenomena, they stopped themselves short of saying "I believe," X-Files style and offered zero evidence of extraterrestrial life existing.

Because of this announcement, IKEA is ready to open its doors to new customers, especially if they have seven eyes and green lizardy skin. In recent work with Ogilvy Dubai, the beloved furniture brand created a unique collection of assembly manuals explicitly made for, you guessed it, aliens.

At first glance, these manuals might not seem all that different than the brand's typical guidebooks. When looked at a little closer, you'll find alien-like creatures and an undecipherable language made precisely for the little beings depicted.

The manuals are similar to the design aesthetic and style as the ones we humans have acclimated ourselves to. But they also incorporate helpful hints to extraterrestrials that act as reminders, such as not laser beaming new big-box items up into their UFO; instead, IKEA recommends having their items delivered, which might soon be a realistic possibility.

This project, titled #furnitureforall, embraces the friendly nature that we all hope aliens possess, fingers crossed, though I can't imagine any living being, even aliens, not loving Ikea's Swedish meatballs.

Project Credits

client: IKEA UAE

GM marketing, communication, HF and retail design (UAE, qatar, eqypt, and oman): carla klumpenaar

regional campaign leader: binita chowdhury

regional digital marketing leader: dina al sahhar

group creative director: cristiano tonnarelli

senior art director: eduardo guimarĂ£es

junior copywriter: toan mai

managing partner: hadi ballout

senior account manager: alaa nour