Ingredients Matter Gets Clean In Brand Refresh

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Ingredients Matter is a brand of natural cleansers that is soap-based and more effective than detergent. The brand felt that the existing branding and packaging wasn’t telling its story in a captivating enough way. The packaging cuts out the fuss and uses bright colors and exceptional typography to be eye-catching in the store. Abby Haddican Studio partnered with Julie Kucinski to give Ingredients Matter that shelf appeal that will grab the target consumer.

Ingredients Matter

Ingredients Matter—a growing consumer brand with distribution online and at Target—asked us to help them relaunch their line of soap-based cleaning products, starting with their bestselling laundry powder. The company had a lot going for it: Ingredients Matter products work better than the big conventional brands and they have greener ingredients than their competitors in the natural cleaning category. But the existing packaging wasn’t communicating efficacy or telling the ingredient story in a compelling way.

We partnered with writer and strategist Julie Kucinski to create a brand that could cut through the clutter on-shelf, communicate the benefits of earth-friendly laundry SOAP (yep, it’s different than detergent), and connect with a broad swath of consumers who want earth-friendly products that work hard. The result is a can’t-miss-it design that looks as good in the cleaning aisle as it does in your laundry room, and which literally waves the flag for clean ingredients. Powder to the People!

Client: Ingredients Matter

Services: Branding, packaging

Writer: Julie Kucinski

Photos & photo art direction: Andi Devon