Tired of Killing Your Plants? Jungla’s Paper Alternatives Might Be Your Saving Grace

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I'm convinced that having a green thumb is something you're born with. Sure, read every book and watch every single YouTube video you can; it takes a certain kind of person to care for plants on a different type of level.

Unfortunately, I'm not one of those people.

Jungla, however, is for folks that like the idea of plants but aren't blessed with thumbs that prove it. Each 100% handmade paper plant that the brand makes is entirely unique and 100% easy to take care of, i.e., you won't kill it. You won't mistake it for the real thing, but it lends a vibrant charm to whatever room it graces.

When a brand's products are as unique as Jungla's, it's imperative that the branding match. Designed by Hula, the brand identity and system is playful and blooming with positive energy. The color system consists of pink, turquoise, and yellow, and it helps build the upstart's whimsical vibes, in addition to the lively typography.

Because Jungla is hyper-focused on achieving visibility through their online store and social media content, the sunny colors and the dream-like visual assets also created by Hula will help the brand stand out and make waves virtually. Think vivid backgrounds, quirky props, and continuous movement.

So whether or not someone cursed you with a black thumb, Jungla's branding alone might inspire you to remember to fertilize that fern some jerk gave you as a housewarming gift.