Psychologists Take Note of Kendra Ferri’s Frida Kahlo-Inspired Branding System

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Whether or not you see a therapist, we can all agree they’re not known for great marketing. While therapists are inherently desirable for their stoic advice and empathetic client care, solid branding can still go a long way, no matter your line of work. 

When I stumbled upon Kendra Ferri’s branding system, I assumed she worked in the creative world. When I found out she’s a psychologist and lecturer, it made the discovery all the richer. I realized I had never seen a psychologist with memorable branding, and Ferri’s immediately stands out.

Her branding system comes courtesy of Brazilian designer Bruno Moreni. Its imaginative, Frida Kahlo-inspired color scheme creates an effusive, visually rich identity. As mental health awareness undergoes a welcomed societal shift, it’s terrific to see therapists taking more innovative approaches to client work.

Kendra Ferri is a psychologist and lecturer that helps her clients by connecting to their needs, understanding their anguish and guiding them to find the courage to embrace who they are and the liberty to change and develop as a human being. The client requested that the brand reflect her own personality, transiting between extroverted and welcoming, and to avoid too much seriousness. The visuals manifest the idea of helpfulness and shelter but also playful and light.

The custom logotype was created with idea of flexibility, one of the client’s values and strategies to transition between her 3 occupation areas. 

Based on Kendra’s values and ideas one of her main inspirations is the artist Frida Kahlo, so all the colors of the brand were inspired by Frida’s own meaning for each one of them, taken from the book “The Diary of Frida Kahlo: An Intimate Self-Portrait”. 
The name of her previous brand was “Meu elefante branco” which referred to the saying “elephant in the room” but in the process we decided with her to use her own name as the brand to reflect even more who she is but to keep the idea of the elephant in the visuals as a symbol.

The idea of the photographs also came from the Indian parable “Blind men and an elephant”, in which we used Kendra’s hand (blue color) as being the one guiding the client (green color) through some mental  health issues such as depression, anxiety, freedom etc. 

The new identity helps Kendra to engage further with her audience and transmit authentically  all the atmosphere around her method and work.

Project Credits

Design Strategy – Bruno Moreni, Luiza Eberhardt
Design and Art Direction – Bruno Moreni
Photography – Luiza Eberhardt
Logo Animation – Mateus Foca Iamarino