Knoun’s Simple Branding Highlights the Power of Strong Copy

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

The designers at Knoun know every element of branding is essential, from imagery and illustrations to copy and color. This verbal design studio specializes in helping brands develop their voice through language, naming, and copywriting offerings.

Knoun uses simple branding by Grzegorz Sołowiński to communicate this immediately. This accessible visual identity literally puts the words first, allowing their objective to shine through.

Knoun is a verbal design studio. They specialise in brand verbal identity, brand personality and language, naming, copywriting and more. Offering a premium tailored service, Knoun distinguish themselves by committing to every project on a truly personal level.

The studio’s own verbal identity was designed to be both subtle and sophisticated. The word “Knoun” is a neologism, deliberately open to different interpretations and pronunciations, yet consistent with the greater brand identity. The claim “To make subject known, we add character” gently plays with rules of English grammar, rewarding the inquisitive with elegant ambiguities.

The main typeface, GT Sectra, was first designed for a German newspaper and later used by numerous periodicals all over the world. It is graceful, sophisticated, and accessible. The secondary typeface, Graphic, is both aesthetically complementary and readable. The overall visual design – by channelling a style that is effortlessly minimalist – invites the viewer into the very essence of the brand – words.

Project Credits
Grzegorz Sołowiński