Kyle Lamond’s Branding For Kino-Eye Film Festival Features Some Pretty Dynamic Type

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Kyle Lamond has created the dynamic branding for the Kino-Eye Film Festival that's full of the unexpected.

Kino-Eye is a process developed by Dziga Vertov, the Soviet Russia-era-based director. This process was produced for viewing the dynamic geometrical shapes in film, from transitions to film speed, in a way that the human eye could not create by itself. Inspired by this idea of the camera lens representing a more realistic portrayal of life, the branding system is imaginative.

In addition, keeping the color palette concise allows for effective typography to reign supreme. While at first glance it appears that the text might be a little "off," keep looking, and you'll find an artful use of both space and time through the type that found inspiration in the technique and development of Kino-Eye.

Kino-Eye® Film Festival is the outcome of a branding and advertisement project with the objective of promoting a classic film festival that exclusively revolves around a movement or film genre that was relevant pre-1960s.

My research and personal interests lead me to arrive at 'Kino-Eye' – a concept within Documentary Film making that focusses on the idea of the camera lens portraying a more accurate representation of life than the human eye.

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Kyle Lamond | @la_m0nd