Larry’s Coffee: An Energetic Refresh for an Eco-Friendly Brand

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“When you buy something, you’re voting for the world you want.”

Even if that’s just a bag o’ beans, it’s a buzz-worthy motto Larry’s Coffee is happy to wear on its sleeve.

Moreover, said sleeve inspires with its charm, thanks to branding work by the Sydney-based Frankie Creative. In a world of sterile, hypermodern logo treatments and packaging for the digital age, Frankie melds the best of both worlds to end up with a design that is unabashedly human—though it does so via an anthropomorphic coffee cup—with a quirky visual language inspired by the owner and his signature hat.

And the brand indeed does right by the world.

As Frankie Creative writes, “Larry’s combines coffee excellence with a belief that business can be a force for good. All Larry’s Coffee is organic, fair trade and shade-grown, with a mission to make specialty coffee to change the world.”

And it’s not a bandwagon brand, either; Larry’s has been a leader in its methods for years.

“With loads of loyal customers, this made the rebranding task even more challenging,” Frankie Creative details. “We created a whole new brand concept, covering all different applications, including the shop front and new packaging art direction and application. The purpose of the rebranding was to reposition Larry’s Coffee and propel it into the future.”

And for a future-focused brand, that’s right where it’s always belonged.