Le Puzz Injects Vintage Jigsaw Tropes Into Their Thoroughly Modern Brand, and We’ve Got the Puzzle Bug Bad

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Puzzles aren’t just some crusty old pastime; in fact, with Facebook and Instagram’s spotty connection these days, we think puzzles have a chance of sticking around for a long, long time, maybe even longer than the internet itself (but don’t quote me on that). 

There’s a magical timelessness behind the art of the puzzle; they’re something you can do no matter your age, IQ level, or dexterity. Moreover, there’s an unspoken charm within the threshold of accessibility of puzzles that bring people together. Deeply ingrained memories of puzzling with my grandmother in her Long Island beach cabana will stick around forever. 

But while knocking out a puzzle over Thanksgiving break is timeless and relaxing, the branding and images on the puzzles themselves can often be dated, dull, and boring. But that’s where Le Puzz comes into play.

With branding designed by Little Troop, jigsaw puzzle brand Le Puzz’s visual identity system is a perfect fit. Friends Alistair Matthews and Michael Hunter created the brand simply by making something fun together and, well, mission accomplished. Bold typography, punchy illustrations, witty copy, glowing yellow, and photography that’ll knock your socks off are just a few of the things that make the brand so wildly different from any other puzzle brand we’ve seen.

The imagery on the jigsaw wonders found inspiration in vintage puzzle motifs, including pet portraits, buffets of food, and classic character tropes. The team also found inspiration from Walter Wick’s Eye Spy books of the ’90s, and each puzzle acts as an individual ode to the artist. 

Interestingly, the collections titled OOPS!, Lighten Up, and Match Made in Heaven were created from sets that co-founder Alistair personally owns. At the same time, the fake food pieces are primarily from Frozen Moments’ vintage brand, and others are a few of her favorite items. 

And while Le Puzz’s jigsaws are freshly created, there’s a timelessness about the branding and imagery that will allow this brand to withstand the test of time. The branding is old school meets both modern and classic tropes with perfection. 

Furthermore, they’ve created the brand with sustainability and philanthropy in mind. So, while yes, this brand is fun and witty, it’s also doing something. Alistair and Michael have ensured that their puzzle pieces use FSA-approved paper sources, meaning that all of the paper they use comes from sustainable forests. They’ve also provided a resealable bag that can get reused over and over again. Beyond that, they’re donating $1 to the Boys & Girls Club of America for every puzzle they sell.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, you might want to invest in a few Le Puzz jigsaws to gift to your most fabulous friends, your puzzle-loving grandmother, or your mailman, who you genuinely know should’ve been an artist.