Los Angeles Rebranding By Shepard Fairey and House Industries is a Gradient Lover’s Dream

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Sure, Los Angeles is associated with plenty of negatives; everlasting bumper-to-bumper traffic, wildfires, Santa Ana winds, and some people more concerned with outer beauty than inner beauty.

But, once you get past those not-so-great perspectives, Los Angeles is a warm, laid-back paradise. It’s a place with world-class creators, environmentalists, technology-loving souls, and some of the best food in the world—a place where the inspiration flows and the sun always shines.

And, with all great things, appropriate branding is a must. Often we associate branding with things, but places also need powerful branding to pull tourists in and make the locals proud.

Los Angeles recently rebranded, which is the first in a decade for the city. The new design will be used from letterhead to business cards to banners to advertisements. The city’s rebrand coincides with a new advertisement campaign called “Your Comeback Starts Here,” inspired by a post-COVID world and LA’s stereotype as a city for dreamers.

One of the critical pieces of the brief for the new logo was that the new design had to appeal to both Gen Z and millennial visitors that have the means to travel in a post-pandemic world. Not only that, but it had to reflect the local ideals of being a laid-back, high-end place like no other.

Shepard Fairey and House Industries cracked the code. There’s so much meaning and thought packed into such a simplistic design. The script, gradient-filled font reflects both the city’s diversity, the famous beautiful sunsets, and an artist’s culture. The new logo is jam-packed with personality, culture, inclusion, ambition, and opportunity.

So while LA, like every other city on Earth, has its downsides, this new rebrand focuses on the bright and optimistic. Take one look at this new logo, and you’ll get inspired to whip out your rollerblades and take a long relaxing stroll down Venice Beach. Or eat a fish taco. Either way, it’s time to get out there.