Minim’s New Brand Narrative Embraces Elements From Music

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Both Studio is the mastermind behind the design for Minim’s branding system. Because the design and manufacturing company embraces products surrounding the musical industry, the branding system adopts the repetitive nature of musical language. The end result is a visual identity that feels complete and refined through a no-frills aesthetic. 

Minim works with some of Australia’s most accomplished designers, manufacturers and artisans to produce products that encourage the reorientation of spaces to better embrace music. We were approached early on to create the full brand narrative, including naming, art direction, visual identity, packaging, digital and physical collateral.

The Minim identity revolves around a logotype dominated by repetitious vertical marks; intentionally compact to allow visibility when applied to the product range, no matter the scale or materials. All brand applications are consistent and refined, incorporating tactile papers and embossing on key printed deliverables to reflect Minim’s design-centric approach. It was a pleasure to work on a brand that, like Minim’s approach and products, balances contemporary design with longevity.

Project Credits

Both Studio