Money Talk’s Branding Will Make You Green With Envy

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There's a meme that's been circulating that shows a sad character, and underneath, it says "when you realize that you have to get up and go to work every Monday for the next 30 years." Money Talk is a brand that shares the same irreverent attitude towards people who work, and they share better ways of working across all products and content.

Their branding system designed by Mobills-group Corp., however, speaks for itself. With green as the primary color, playful illustrations packed with character, and typography that speaks for itself, it's clear that this brand knows their demographic is young folks that appreciate a beautiful aesthetic, and they're sticking to it. Every detail, from the receipts to the main character, aptly named "TMI," which stands for "too much money," has been flushed out and sticks perfectly to the theme surrounding money and the working force.

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