Mun Balances Minimalism And Maximalism The Parisian Way

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Mun is a contemporary Asian-inspired restaurant located in the heart of Paris with an identity founded upon art-deco ideals. The identity and type, created by Jérémy Schneider and Violaine Orsoni, are mysterious, polished, and playful. The lack of color in the branding suite is made up for in the restaurant's decor and furniture, with olive-toned velvet benches and navy patterned chairs; Mun just oozes "luxe." Minimalism is meeting maximalism in the most balanced possible way.

We wanted the Identity to be minimalist and elegant, contrasting with the opulence of fabrics in the restaurant. We took the inspiration from the panda marble materials in the scenography, to draw patterns, using different inks.

MUN settles in a building in art-deco volume, the last vestige of those immobile liners that made the legend of the Champs-Élysées avenue.

A hall as wide as a dream, a private elevator to keep the secret and after a few vertical seconds, this door that slides between darkness and mystery. Precious wood panels, embossed leather, lights better than low, a hint of pagoda behind a large polished stone table, MUN installs its reception bar as a preface. If it is a restaurant, it moves forward like a modern tale.

MUN’s kitchen is a contemporary bridge between Japan and the city. At the heart of the restaurant, the sushi bar reveals the petals of its raw fish and the talent of its fine blades. A tasting in turns, detours and glamour where tataki, gyoza, california, tempura, charcoal yakitori but also tartar and carpaccio revisited in the manner of Archipelago.

Project Credits

Jérémy Schneider and Violaine Orsoni