New Cannabis Company Cannoe Leans Into Simplicity and Diversity

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Budding cannabis brand Cannoe has broken onto the weed scene by stripping down what a cannabis brand should be, with a simple and accessible aesthetic decidedly lacking in the bells and whistles.

Executed by creative studio Public Address with photography from Brendan George Ko and illustrations by Adrian Forrow, the branding for the Toronto-based cannabis darling centers around the myriad ways weed taps into diversity. That includes the diversity of those that indulge, rely on, enjoy, seek refuge in, and otherwise use cannabis and the various neighborhoods they inhabit, as well as the varieties of the physical forms in which cannabis comes in. Public Address set out to create a brand with “the flexibility to meet any location or occasion,” according to their site.

The branding revolves around two core elements: the double N ligature in the center of the wordmark and the color green. The NN icon serves as a visual shorthand for the brand as a logo, which gets presented in a litany of fonts and styles to evoke diversity. The style of NN can change to fit the needs of the context in which it gets featured. Meanwhile, the distinctly anti-specific and hyper-broad green color palette also allows for malleability, as any green can get used depending on the desired effect.

In an industry jam-packed with over-eager players, it’s soothing to see a cannabis brand getting back to basics with uncomplicated and clean design.