NoMoSu Stands For “No More Sugar” In More Ways Than One

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The snack market, more specifically the sweets market, is inundated with empty promises for "healthy" or "better for you" treats. NoMoSu, a brand that takes its name from "No More Sugar," is a sweet treat without unhealthy sugar additives.

Their branding, designed by Here Design, cuts through the typical overwhelming promises and instead delivers the brand's vegan chocolate bars to you with a sense of intentional simplicity balanced with a playful touch of gradient exuberance.

Honestly, as someone who loves vegan sweet treats and great branding, I'd try this chocolate bar even if it did have sugar, and the fact that it doesn't draws me right in for a taste, or two, or maybe three

There are a lot of snacks out there that claim to be healthy or sugar-free. NoMoSu – a name that stands for No More Sugar – wanted to cut through that sugar haze with a range of snacks and treats that are truly sugar free, genuinely health and completely delicious.

Natural sugars are not always good for us, and sugar alternatives sometimes believed to be actively good for us often turn out not to be so health after all. Sugar, in any form, processed or unprocessed, still has the ability to disrupt our reality, affect our energy levels and interfere with sleep. Our design aim was to represent the conscious clarity that comes from reducing your sugar intake.

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