Nutty Friends Is a Peanut Butter Brand Serving 70s Charm

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

With branding vibes that look like they’re straight out of the 70s, Nutty Friends is a peanut butter brand that’s unafraid to stand out. With sweet, quirky, and energetic illustrations, retro typography, and all the gradients you could ever dream of, Nutty Friends is the kind of brand that you know will have the power to pick you up even on your lowest of days. Designed by Gustavo Schlindwein and Haydê Carlos, if anything is lacking for this packaging and identity design, it’s not personality or charm. 

nutty friends is a peanut butter that makes healthy lifestyle fun. the name’s pun was the starting point for a vibrant visual universe and the characters were based on healthy eating and exercising lifestyle. the illustrations and a nod to the 70s aesthetics were explored in social media assets and packaging of the two flavors, normal and crunchy. The project also included art direction for photography, social media planning of the launch, e-commerce layout, delivery materials and corporate stationery.

Project Credits

Gustavo Schlindwein

Haydê Carlos