Pentagram’s Nuverse Identity Evokes Connectiveness, Engagement, and Fun

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No matter what kind of game you're jonesing on, from immersive virtual reality experiences to puzzlers, they can provide a much-needed escape from the mundane. With the advent of smartphones, nearly everyone has a respectable and capable networked gaming device. The video game industry, including the user communities, is global in scale and game publishers and developers need to project an image that conveys a commitment to engaging experiences to both the public and the industry. Plus, it absolutely must work across different platforms and markets.

Hong Kong-based Nuverse develops and publishes games worldwide across multiple genres, including action, sports, and role-playing titles. The firm sought the expertise and talent of studio Pentagram London to create an identity with opened windows to the virtual worlds and immersive experiences its gaming portfolio strived to provide gamers with across the globe.

Pentagram’s branding for Nuverse took concepts like community, interconnectedness, and the passion that binds players to each other, the developers, and the business of gaming. The combined Chinese and Latin wordmark reflect the global reach of Nuverse, while the logo, made from connected spheres, represents individuals engaged in a game, with colors both bright and fun. An included player icon creator has over 500 different combinations, allowing gamers to highly personalize their icons, which are color-coded by game genre, showing some degree of connectedness while standing out as an individual.

Overall, the Pentagram team created a branding identity and system compatible with different gaming genres, markets, platforms, and devices, but its new visual look also works in meatspace on analog displays like paper and business cards. Flexible, vibrant, and colorful, the Nuverse brand stands out as much as the mesmerizing worlds created by game developers.