One Green Bean’s Branding is Memorably Quirky and Polished

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One Green Bean is a team of specialists focused on earned media (publicity or media coverage that is generated organically through methods such as customers, social media fans, or bloggers) based globally in London, Sydney, Amsterdam, and Doha.

Because they help their clients find both significant and imaginative ways to tell their story and gain attention, they needed to update their branding to prove that they were as forward-thinking and creative as they said they were.

How & How updated One Green Bean's branding system with maturity and quirkiness in mind. Of course, it only made sense that the color hues would be green, and the spring illustration helps depict how the company is always two steps ahead. While the updated branding system is quirky, it also isn't too out there, proving its professional capabilities.

One Green Bean knew they needed a refresh. Having grown exponentially since their 2007 Sydney debut, their capabilities as a digital and communications agency had boomed; and they could now be found in London, Amsterdam and Doha too. But while their contracts with Virgin Atlantic, The Body Shop, Nike and Dominoes had raced ahead—the brand itself had remained stuck in the past.

We were tasked with developing a more powerful expression of the OGB brand, with a look and feel that had to be memorable, quirky yet polished. We created a brand identity, website, company collateral, social media kits and an animation package that showcased their new maturity; but which had more than a nod to their cheerful optimism and impishness.

A central graphic motif was the “spring”—inspired by the company’s core value of “always being two steps ahead”. We developed two springs with two distinct behaviours and styles: a playful, rounded one which bounced vertically; and a grown-up, angular one which wriggled horizontally. Leveraging the juxtaposition between grown-up and playful, we chose Roba High Bold as a display font due to its thick and thin traces, which referenced both sides of this split personality.

We took the colour green and flexed it—choosing a bright, chirpy mint green for highlights, CTAs and marketing collateral; and a sophisticated forest green for corporate material. We intentionally kept the palette tight and minimal, to not overshadow the colourful work of OGB’s own clients and viral campaigns.

OGB’s work sits at the intersection of interesting, useful and entertaining—and so the fully-responsive, headless CMS website we designed and built had to be a balanced blend of these elements too. Micro-interactions, animations, super-fast load speeds and unexpected moments of joy on the site helped to give the company a digital interface that truly reflected their new position and claim: of being intelligent, inquisitive, big-dreaming realists who make shit happen. We couldn't agree more.

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