Paper With a Plan? Hybrid Design Helps Mohawk Relaunch Their Paper Portfolio

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Mohawk is a paper company that boasts a purposeful and philosophical history. The brand, however, recently relaunched its product portfolio, so Hybrid Design created the campaign for the relaunch. The bright colors create a refreshed aesthetic, playful shapes, and expressive typography help communicate the particular intention of each collection. The brand itself might be decades old, but this campaign feels modernized and relatable to all. 

For the relaunch of Mohawk’s product portfolio, we worked with the Mohawk team to strategize, organize and design a visual system that would re-center the paper specifying experience around the user. Five new collections combine papers across grades around distinct purposes, while each printed piece helps communicate through design and process why you would choose from one collection over another. The result is a campaign across mediums that creates a new, simpler access point to paper specifying—no matter your experience level.

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Hybrid Design