Pentagram Partner Sascha Lobe Designs Visual Identity For Photographer Adam Katz Sinding

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Adam Katz Sinding is a photographer with a sense of wit. He's known for his street-style photography, editorials, giving lectures, and cycling in his free time between everything. He recently partnered with the typography expert Sascha Lobe and Pentagram to create a visual identity inclusive of the wordmark, signet, typography suite, and website relaunch. The result is clean, luxe, and minimal, allowing the photographer's image to truly shine through.

“Creating a visual identity for someone like Adam Katz Sinding with a very well-honed eye for capturing exceptional images with distinct compositions and context almost seems antithetical but it was a gratifying praxis and we’re pleased with the outcome,” says Sascha Lobe.

While Covid-19 has caused a nosedive for fashion show attendance, photographer Adam Katz Sinding, formerly known as Le 21ème, forged ahead in 2020 and recently had an entirely new brand identity creative directed by editor-in-chief of Qompendium, Kimberly Lloyd, who reached out to typography expert and Pentagram partner Sascha Lobe to design the identity encompassing the wordmarque, signet, typography suite and website relaunch. An entire visual campaign with motion graphics focusing on the world of fashion and Adam Katz Sinding’s fine eye for fashion campaigns and editorials has also been rolled out.

“I’ve long been an admirer of Adam’s observant eye for years. When it comes to experiencing a fashion show en voyeur, en passant, he sets the benchmark and the time has come to elevate his artistic foundations even further,” says Kimberly Lloyd.

The typeface suite consists of a grotesque typeface for timeless edge and a newly designed website, which will equip Adam Katz Sinding with a digital platform to transcend street-style photography into many of his extensions – from travel to prints and his own fashion ventures.

The website is succinctly sectioned off into Fashion, Portfolio and Travel and features prominently in stark black with white typography, transforming his online portal from low key to high key. The majority of the website is punctuated by full-bleed images to capture his work in all its grandeur and the archive is arranged in a grid layout for quick searches and intelligent filtering.

Adam Katz Sinding’s roster of clients is a hefty one, featuring the likes of Ann Demeulemeester, Rick Owens, Stine Goya, Chloé, Wood Wood, Givenchy, Mykita, Tom Ford, Vogue, L’Officiel, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar and countless others.

Adam Katz Sinding shot the Tom Ford Fall 2020 ad campaign during the designer’s Fall/Winter 2020/2021 runway show in Los Angeles. Stars of the campaign included models Gigi Hadid, Hannah Motler, Anna Herrera, Elias de Poot, Erik van Gils, Gena Malinin, Henry Kitcher, Joel Dent, Malick Bodian, Marjan Jonkman, Mayowa Nicholas, Niks Gerbasevskis, Nina Marker, and Tae Min Park.

Adam Katz Sinding published his first book, “This Is Not A F*cking Street Style Book,” in February of 2018. The monograph is a collection of his work, showcasing major fashion events, top brands and tastemakers through his own lens. In June of 2019, Katz published his second book, “Live From F*cking Everywhere,” which chronicles his travels, setting aside fashion and focusing on the wonders our world has to offer on travel photography and architecture.

“It is both surreal and otherworldly to see how my birth name has transformed into a visual identity through the meticulous eyes of typographer Sascha Lobe and Kimberly Lloyd’s expert understanding of photography. Through their collective work, Adam Katz Sinding has become a manifestation of a living and breathing brand” says Adam Katz Sinding.

Adam Katz Sinding is featured on Qompendium, a magazine on philosophy, art, culture and science, where he discusses his nearly two decades long work and his #NoFreePhotos movement which has become increasingly important for all photographers as a collective.

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Kimberly Lloyd | @kimberly_lloyd

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