PetChoy Rebranding Targets the Gen Z Pet Owner

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

The Vietnam-based M — N Associates created the lively visual identity and packaging design for PetChoy, the meal plan for pets in Vietnam. The branding goal was for the pet company to communicate to new customer types, including the GenZ community. Through vibrant colors, bold typography, and quirky photography, the brand has done just that. It’s clear that this branding system distinguishes this pet food brand from its competitors in ways that only bright colors and cute paws could. 

PetChoy provides delicious meal plans for cats and dogs in Saigon, Vietnam. Founders think pets should be served as their owners. PetChoy aims to educate and empower the pet-loving community with an accurate and comprehensive understanding of pets’ nutrition and health.​​​​​​​ Since rebranding, PetChoy has been grown quickly with completely outstanding packaging on shelves.

Our approach is a complete transformation for local pet food brands to compete with international ones in visual and content direction, and targeting new customer types like urbanist and GenZ.

Project Credits

M — N Associates